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Our happy clients

  • Lukas Metelka, Managing Director, AMICA Commerce s.r.o.
    Thereby let me thank you Elite Rent-a-Car for exceptional experience, unique atmosphere of chosen locations, hotels, restaurants and especially roads selection where we enjoyed your fleet! 
    Lukas Metelka, Managing Director, AMICA Commerce s.r.o.
  • Merlion, Russia
    "High speed, maximum comfort, safety and unforgettable roaring of the engine. Everything was simply perfect - route, organization and staff. Thank you Elite!”
    Merlion, Russia
  • Ozgur A., Turkey
    "Thank you, we had a fantastic trip! We are looking forward the next one in 2015."
    Ozgur A., Turkey
  • Adrian L., Singapore
    "Elite was able to cater to my customized request for rental cars spanning 2 European countries and a total of 5 high end cars. I will not hesitate to recommend to my friends the services of Elite-Rent-a-Car should they be at Europe. I am already looking forward to my next Elite driving tour holiday!"
    Adrian L., Singapore
  • Bob Greving, Audi Club Florida President
    "On behalf of the Audi Club North America, I just want to express our appreciation for all that the Project Manager did to make our tour such a resounding success. I can speak for the group in saying we all literally had a blast and would have liked to have had it continue even longer." 

    Bob Greving, Audi Club Florida President

    Bob Greving, Audi Club Florida President
  • John D., Austria
    I had absolutely amazing time. It was a blast!
    I am already looking forward to the next summer!

    John D., Austria

About project

“Elite Driving Tours” is lifestyle project sheltered by Elite Rent-a-Car®. We design driving vacation which fits your preferences, wishes and budget.

Tours are available through Western and Central Europe. We take special attention to the selection of the best roads in order to provide you with a true driving pleasure aboard a car(s) of your dreams.

What makes us different

  • Europe’s largest premium car rental fleet (over 400 models).
  • A wide range of the latest supersport cars owned by Elite.
  • Personalized delivery anywhere in Europe, anytime.
  • 24/7 service, over 80 employees.
  • Over 27 years experiences.

    You can find our offices in all big cities across Europe such as Geneva, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Munich, Rome and many more!


    Elite Rent-a-car was established in 1987. Our company is founded on core values of service, quality, respect and responsibility.


    We are big company with 80 employees. We are serving to our clients as best as we can. Our main goal is to make you happy.


    We have altogether 400 exceptional cars in our fleet. You can pick whatever car you desire. Enjoy your Tour, leave the rest to us!

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